The tech stack of the startup

This post is about startups and technology. Of course, nothing will help you if you don’t have a market, or traction, or a business model, or an actual product, or good people. Those are conversations for another day, but now, here’s what I’d use if I’m starting a startup today:

Programming languages:

Data stores:

Data processing:

Machine learning:


Version control:



Functional testing:

Project management:

Am I missing stuff?

3 thoughts on “The tech stack of the startup

  1. although it is late, I am also put some thinking on start up tech stack.
    Here is what we are using that are missing from your list:

    1. build, unit test, and configuration management.
    This is highly language dependent.
    but commonly, gradle, grunt, fabric, chef cookbooks.

    2. Monitoring
    logstash, kibana, metrics, statsd, diamond, graphite,

    3. package management and deploy.
    npmjs for javascript and pypy for python. debian package.

    4. data science
    Vowpal wabbit

    5. scrum

    6. Planning to replace splunk with elasticsearch(waiting for 1.0 release)

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