Teams, software development agility, and food and drink

I’ve written before about how food can help software teams. In a startup, when everything runs at Internet speed, you need every little advantage you can manage. So – if the team gelling process can be hastened, that would count as a good thing.

I speak from a ton of experience in these matters when I recommend the following –

  • ensure there’s always plenty of snacks for the team to munch on – building software is hungry work
  • ensure lunch is taken care of – that one hour every afternoon adds up, especially when it breaks flow. This is optional, of course…
  • go out! A lot. It is good for the team to unwind, but its even better if the team members form closer bonds. And when you’re out – drink 🙂

This stuff has worked out very well for me over the past few years when I was at ThoughtWorks… and I’m seeing it be even more effective now at the startup I’m at.

So, in these lean times when everything matters, and we’re trying to make more from less, this is actually a cheap way to increase productivity. Try it!