First week at Runa

During my last week at ThoughtWorks, my colleagues were asking me what I would be doing at my new job, and what technologies I might be working on.

I told them that the job involved Rails for the consumer-focused piece, and a combination of other technologies at the backend – Ruby, Java (along with Hadoop), Erlang, and possibly others depending on the task at hand. I wasn’t sure if they were impressed or not, but they did joke about how I would actually end up working on PHP and ColdFusion. I indignantly denied any such thing.

So of course, my first week at the new job saw me working on PHP and ColdFusion.

Basically, since a part of Runa is a set of services for merchants, the consumers of these services could be using PHP, ColdFusion, or any other platform. Hence the need for us to ensure our code works with all of them, and indeed, for us to develop libraries for every major e-commerce platform out there. Anyway, that’s what I worked on through Week 1.

Heh, just thought this was funny!

Exit stage left

After six and a half years at ThoughtWorks, it is now time for a change.

I’ve wanted to do a start-up for as long as I can remember, and in the attempts at doing so thus far, I’ve realized that there is much I need to learn before jumping in. And after seeing how much my wife is learning at her new job, I was eager to get started on my own learning adventure.

So… as of Monday morning, I will be working at Cinch. I can’t give away a lot of information at the moment, but as things come together, I will blog about as much as I can. What I can say at this point is that its a 5 people team right now, looking to grow to about 10 in the near term, working on innovations in the online-retail industry.

Leaving ThoughtWorks was the toughest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s only the excitement of what lies ahead that’s keeping my spirits up. Here goes nothing!