Startup School 2008

I attended this year’s Startup School – and all eight of the talks were really awesome. I got to hang out with a ton of people who had either already started their companies, or people that were looking to do so. The energy and the buzz was fantastic. Most importantly, however, I got to see three of my heroes –


Paul Graham – talking about the idea of being a benevolent startup.


Jeff Bezos – talking about Amazon Web Services as a way forward for startups.


Peter Norvig – talking about extracting data from the web, and leveraging it in startups.

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

I’m a book lover – I own nearly a thousand books now, and I even read many of them. I think that since there’s just so much to do and learn, and so little time, books are a fantastic way to know about things we might never get a chance to actually experience. Television can also be educational but I dislike it because it takes too much time to get through things – you can read at a much faster pace.

However, if there are times when you’re sitting in a train while commuting, or just driving to some place, podcasts can be absolutely fantastic. I love that the Economist has audio editions of their magazine (absolutely true to the printed form, and very high quality, btw). I haven’t missed an issue for nearly a whole year.

I want to share another great podcast resource – from The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders seminar series at Stanford. I’m hugely thankful to my good friend Adrian Wible for telling me about this and his persistence in asking me to listen to them. Almost each and every one of them is like listening to a precis of some really important and interesting business book. Most are by very successful entrepreneurs, or venture capitalists, or professors from Stanford. Brilliant material.

They’re also available from iTunes; and I highly recommend them.