From freedom languages to Java (and back again?)

Recently, I started working with Java again. I had little choice in the matter, really, since its for an upcoming product in the mobile application development tools space, and I’m focusing on the Java Micro Edition area. I’ll have more to say on this skunkworks initiative another time. (Watch this space, and all that).

I’ve been using mostly other languages in the recent past, Ruby, a little Python, Common Lisp, a little Haskell. But mostly Ruby. And it seems that having stayed Java-free for about two years has made me really rusty. That apart, this time around Java started out feeling annoying, and morphed into being mostly amusing. In an annoying way. The question I constantly have to tell myself to refrain from asking (out loud, and to the world in general) is – “Why can’t the bloody runtime figure this out for itself? Why do I have to type this extra (vestigial) code?”

In any case, working on the new Java Micro Edition platform again is nice – reminds me of a project I did at college – and of simpler times… 🙂

5 thoughts on “From freedom languages to Java (and back again?)

  1. Heh, “freedom languages” — I like it 🙂

    I’ve been working in Ruby for the past couple of months, and found exactly the same thing when I had to write some Java again. Not looking forward to the (inevitable) time when I have to switch back.

  2. On my last ASP.NET project I was explicitly (and almost seriously) prohibited from muttering “this would take 15 minutes in {Ruby,Rails}” during the iteration planning meeting.

  3. “no method named ‘name'”

    20 minutes later – why couldn’t the bloody compiler have told me I was passing a duck to a method that required a customer!?


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