CruiseControl.rb – Continuous integration for ruby projects


I downloaded and installed CruiseControl.rb today – from the ThoughtWorks website. Well, I suppose ‘install’ is not quite the right word as it comprised entirely of running a couple of commands, and took all of 30 seconds.

It works beautifully, right out of the box! The example on the website didn’t have any reference to the situation where you connect to your subversion server over ssh, so when I went ahead and tried it, it succeeded and then gave me the following message –

IMPORTANT!!! – It looks like you are connecting to your repository with an svn+ssh connection. For cruise to build this project, you need to have set up authentication caching for ssh, see this article

What a pleasant surprise! I like software that was designed with users in mind. The information above for setting up ssh authentication works like a charm, btw.

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