Lotus Notes Client on Mac OS X

Boy – each day I use Notes, it seems to scale new heights of un-usability (is that a word?). This time, it was after I installed the Mac OS version of it on my new iMac. The fonts were tiny. Really, – so small, that I couldn’t even read anything properly… it was awful. Anyway – I gave it the benefit of the doubt – maybe my monitor resolution was too high, and that the default font size was set to something small. I figured I’d just change it.

So I went to the user preferences dialog. There it was, change font. But – while I could change the actual font being used, there was no way to change the size! I looked around, and really – there was nothing! Unbelievable. I googled around a bit, and there it was – some obscure software company had actually created a utility that allows you to change the settings for Notes on Mac OS. Including the font-size. Why a utility, you ask? And why only for the client on Mac? Well, obviously, because on Windows you can just edit the configuration file notes.ini. (Mac stores settings in binary format).

Yep. Usability at its best. Edit the configuration file. A couple of years ago, when I had to use Notes v5.5, I thought that the worst sin they’d committed was that whenever the application crashed (quite often), you couldn’t just restart it. It would lock a file or something and you’d have to *reboot* if you wanted to re-open notes. This continued till I found a utility called Zap Notes – which allowed you to restart Notes if it crashed without having to reboot. I’m sure it was a best seller.

What are we still using Notes for? ThoughtWorks is consciously attempting to move away from it – once our systems move out (which they are, slowly but surely – travel has moved, expenses and time-sheets have moved) we’ll say bye-bye to that horrendous piece of crap for good.

BTW, here’s the utility – it’s called NiniX

Update – I installed Lotus Notes R7 client for Mac OS X and it seems to be much nicer.

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