On the high cost of everything

I’ve decided that I have figured out why everything is so very expensive.

IT is a major part of every industry today. This is because IT promises levels of productivity previously unimaginable. It also promises more reliable and easier ways of conducting business. However, IT costs a lot. People in IT are one of the highest paid lot in the world of salaried employees. Perhaps rightly so – IT is a knowledge driven industry. In theory.

Here’s the thing. From the past few years of experience as a consultant and therefore having worked with IT people at clients’ from different industries, I can say one thing with a fair amount of confidence: most IT people suck. Big time.

Not only do they suck, but since most of them suck, they form a sort of syndicate of people who engage in pretend-work and who like to spend time in meetings. They create policies to help create the need for this type of non-work. They revel in getting nothing done and making it look like work.

The net result, is that tens of billions of dollars is spent every year in keeping this non-work-force on the payrolls of these organizations. And since these people are incompetent and love non-work, in an ironic attempt at saving costs, they outsource to equally incompetent consulting organizations that do the same non-work (or only slightly better) and bill them more money. I have personally seen tens of millions of dollars go down the drain in failed projects.

Where does all this money come from? In the end, from the consumers of the services or products of the orgnization, of course! That means, from you and me. This drives the cost per unit of these services or products up. This is what I mean.

P.S. All qualifications apply. I know not all organizations are like this and that not all people working at these companies are like this. 95% are, though.

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